The XP-game has been played in lots of companies and in lots of courses, but also at a number of conferences:


The XP-game was played at XPUniverse 2001, a conference for learning and sharing about agile software development processes, in Raleigh, North Carolina, from 23 to 25 July 2001.

Don Wells, Program Chair of the XPUniverse conference: “I played the XP Game at XP Universe. It was fun, which is a major benefit, and it accurately portrays how iteration planning works in Extreme Programming. It is different from the traditional Extreme Hour. First, it allows all the people involved to experience iteration planning from the point of view of both customer and developer. This makes it very suitable for use with groups of customers, developers or any mixture of both. Second, it has the user stories created in advance in a well defined and easy to understand and perform way. This shifts the focus of the game to planning and how that works within XP. This is a great way to introduce iteration planning XP style.”


The XP-game featured on the agenda of XP2001, the Extreme Programming’s annual conference in Cagliari, Italy, from 20 to 23 May 2001.

Michele Marchesi, Program Chair of the conference: “The XP game was an exciting experience. It is fun and you can understand how the Planning Game of XP works. My only suggestion is to divide players in developers (who estimate the stories and “implement” them) and users (who choose the stories to implement), since the division of tasks among users and developers is of paramount importance in XP. In any case, it was a pleasant and interesting experience, which should be played in every XP course.”

Ron Jeffries: “I played the XP game at XP2001. It’s a lot of fun and gives a fair sense of how XP goes. But the coach wouldn’t let us work even one second of overtime, which is too Extreme for me, and cost us the game. And he wouldn’t let us do spikes, either, which caused us to try to build a house of cards, thinking we actually had a chance. But the best part was the balloons!”


Philips approached Vera Peeters and Pascal Van Cauwenberghe to present the XP-game at the Philips Software Conference 2001, attended by 530 Philips staff members in Eindhoven, the Netherlands on 8 and 9 February 2001. Philips staff-members who played the XP-game, responded enthusiastically.

Erik Bos, who organised the XP-game session for Philips, comments: “The participants developed a clear understanding of XP. Also, we had a lot of fun doing this hands-on game!”


The game also featured at SERC, the Software Engineering Research Centre, based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. SERC was founded in 1987 as a knowledge centre to improve software engineering in the Netherlands.

Erik Groeneveld, SERC advisor, testifies: “We have played the game several times in different circumstances. It turns out to be an effective instrument to teach people the XP planning process.”