Became curious? Want to play it yourself?

DOWNLOAD The XP Game v5.0

The package contains a detailed manual and a ready-to-print set of cards and score-sheets. Total size of the ZIPped file is about 2.8MB.

Everything you need is in the download, just add balloons, cards, dice, hourglasses, pens, fun and some people who want to learn and have fun.

xpperspectives The XP Game explained“, a chapter from Extreme Programming Perspectives, explains more about the reasoning behind the different elements of the XP Game. This text is now included in the XP Game download package.

Creative Commons License The XP Game by Vera Peeters and Pascal Van Cauwenberghe is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Belgium License.

Version fran├žaise

Download the french translation of the game by Luc Bizeul

Nederlandse vertaling

Download the dutch translation of the game by Olivier Costa