Iteration 2


At this point, you can ask the participants some questions to reflect on what happened.

Developers estimate stories

The team receives 7 more story cards to estimate. This time, the coach must stress that the estimations be done by comparing with the cost estimates of the previously implemented stories.

Customers choose stories

The team must choose stories for a total estimated number of points equal to the team velocity.

Developers implement stories

The stories are implemented one by one, until the hourglass is empty (the fixed length of an iteration).

The stories, estimates and business value earned are added to the score sheets. The sum of the estimates of the implemented stories is the new velocity.

Further iterations can be done, each time selecting stories with the total estimate equal to the team velocity measured during the previous iteration.

Game variation

To give the game a more “real world” sense, the game master may decide at the end of an iteration that “the specifications have changed“. All stories written on cards of a certain color have no business value at all. This change retroactively applies to stories that have been implemented!