Agile Belgium Drinkup 2011 Retrospective

I’d like to start by wishing you all a wonderful year 2012. May it be a amazing year for you an your family.

You probably know that two weeks ago, before the holidays, we had a small retrospective about the drinkups from 2011. I grouped them in categories.

Feedback about the place

– Find a quieter place
– A place we can eat as well

I’m looking around for places like that close to the Grand Place of Brussels that are not too crowded. If you have any suggestion please contact me or post a comment.

We talked about sessions that we could do for some drinkups. The goal is not to do an XP user group meeting, we already have that, and the drinkup should stay different with an informal fashion around it, but we could have some small sessions now and then.

Sessions we could do during the drinkups

– Speed problem dating (I have a problem, how would you solve it? Each person gives a quick answer, no discussion, thank you!, next!)
– a DIY session (something with a construction kit, maybe some lego serious play)
– Have a small 5 minutes skype call with an “Agile star”
– Sharing conference experience
– 300 seconds talk
– Small demo of an agile technique, dev or coaching skill
– Bring/share a book (bring a book you liked, lend it to someone)
– A psychiatrist couch session
– Have some Agile stars that are in Belgium from time to time to join us

Some games we could play

– Explain Agile to the barman
– Speaker wolves

Other things related to the drinkup

– Blog about the drinkups

There were also some things not directly related to the drinkups themselves.

– Organize an Agile Belgium book club
– Organize Agile Belgium lunches with people working in the same area
– Organize an Agile Belgium picnic during the summer

So here’s the raw content of the retrospective, if you weren’t there and you want to add anything more or react to any items, feel free to send an email to the mailing list or comment here.

I can also announce that the next Agile Belgium Drinkup will take place on the 18th of January. I’m still not convinced about the places I found so I’ll keep looking. I’ll post a new event on the website and here as soon as possible.

Again, all the best for 2012, see you at the next Drinkup!

Agile Belgium Drinkup – December 2011


This is an informal meetup of the Belgian Agile and Lean community. Come after work and meet people you usually only meet at conferences. Anyone interested in Agile or Lean can join.


December 14, 2011 from 19:00 until… you decide to go home.

You can find us at the back of the ground floor, the tap bar. When you are in the bar go as far as you can go at the back, you’ll find us there. It’s quieter there.

The next one is a bit special as it’s the last one of 2011. It might be a good idea to retrospect on the previous editions and take decisions for 2012. So if you want to participate to the retrospective or if you just want to have a beer and talk Agile with some peers then join us!

Add your name to the list to attend.


Delirium Café
Impasse de la Fidélité 4A
1000 Bruxelles

Near Brussels Central station and the Grand’ Place.

See you there!