ALE 2011 in Berlin, Germany

The Agile Lean Europe (ALE) network is a pan-European open network for people passionate about Agile and Lean practice and thinking.

We’re organising the ALE 2011 unconference which will happen from September 7-9 in Berlin.  And we would love you to come!

Our goal is to create a European melting pot of Agile and Lean practitioners with many diverse perspectives and influences.  It is intended as a cross-border, non-profit collaboration event for mutual learning and continuous improvement. We want you to participate!

We are reaching out to the European Agile & Lean communities to come and join us during these 3 days of learning and cross-pollination.

We break the habit!  Diversity is key!

  • We mix a traditional program with open space sessions, lightning talks and keynotes.
  • We invite you to bring your families, there will be a spouse and kids program!
  • We explicitly invite alien speakers who do not work in the software development domain.
  • We want the whole of Europe to join. We already have pre-registrations by people from 28 European countries.

How can you help?

Forward this invitation to your community members and ask if they’re interested to submit a talk and register as a participant.

How does your community benefit from sending representatives to ALE 2011?

  • You get a chance to pick up new ideas which you can spread in your community afterwards.
  • You get to meet a lot of interesting people which you can invite to your community events.
  • Your community gets visibility in the European Agile & Lean network.
  • You get a clearer view on the state of Agile & Lean across Europe.

You can find more information about ALE 2011 on our website or by following #ale2011 on Twitter.

In addition to the conference, we’re also starting some ALE Network initiatives.  One is creating a system which allows communities to invite speakers when they happen to visit their region.  You can find out more about other initiatives at the conference or on our ALE Network website.

We’re counting on you to help Europe take a next step in the world of Agile & Lean!

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